Friday, September 11, 2009

Line by Line

Line by Line is a weekly (hopefully) feature from my subscriptions of poets’ blogs.

wish my breast could know the sun
the same way this girl
knows danger
from Glossy by Nilsa V Torres

pour like milk from the mouth
of a hand-made antique
from Be Real Black  by Melanie Henderson

We kiss on the moon
And cuddle with the sun
from Grey Matters by Ain Hd on Black Woman Lost & Found

The treadmill is calling my name
This muffin top, showing my shame
from The Treadmill is Calling by Evelyn Alfred

Down by the Riverside
I Stood on the River of Jordan
from West African Sand by Alisa Lawton

You could play a unicorn or a wizard or golden fleece.
from  Mythical Creatures by Bianca Spriggs (by introduction of Roberto Mulatto)

Take a few moments, read and comment on their poems at their blogs.


  1. What an awesome idea for a series of posts! I will be checking these out, and glad you found Bianca. She's an amazing poet.

  2. Thank you, Keith. It's my take on Canrival Friday where blogs link to other blogs. Twitter has a similiar concept with Follow Friday.

  3. Thank you again for the feature! I am off to read the other poets!

  4. Nilsa, you're welcome. I'm off to post comments on these blogs myself!

  5. Thank you for finding me, for your comment and for the goal of your blog. Keep up this fabulous endeavor!


  6. Well Mel, I changed the tagline from highlighting Black women poets and songwriters to documenting my feelings. It will be something a bit easier to live up to, though I'll still highlight poets and songwriters.

  7. I'm just now seeing this! Very flattered to be re-posted here. April was a good month for trying out new things! You know...I never got into Dungeons and Dragons but I did read a whole lot of sci-fi/fantasty, mythology, so I guess I may as well have. :-) Thanks for stopping by!


  8. Bianca, Thank you for stopping by. It's never too late to comment! As you see, I'll go deep into someone's RSS feed and find these jewels. The fantasy/scifi themes saturate this poem. Octavia Butler would be proud.


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