Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Writing My Truth

Even though I don't believe in it, I had Writer's Block. That is probably why I neglected  this blog for so long. But I've been writing, I tell myself.  But it's not writing my truth. It's lesson plans, workshops, all kinds of randomness in emails, but not my truth. 

Instead of using this blog as a platform to highlight Black women poets and artists, I'll use it to highlight me. Yep, spotlight on me. Well, not necessarily me.  It will be a way to offer floodupdates on my writing life. That's what most other writers use their blogs for, duh!

Don't fret, if you like my mini-reviews on poets and singers, check out my tumblr where I post clips there. Also check out  Poet/Professor  Honoree Jeffers blog that highlights  poets.  

This means I'm changing the tag to "Musings on my Writing Life, or Lack Thereof.”  I like it. It's not anything to live up to, just me.  Don’t delete me out of your RSS feeds yet - I'm back.   However I think I'll only post about once  a week. Maintaining a blog is a bit too much for me to handle right now.  Still I want to stay connected to you in a longer format than my foolery on Twitter.  

Thank you to all the people who have subscribed (still haven't fixed my Feedreader) by RSS or Google connect.  You each give me inspiration to update this blog. 

Mythium Meanwhile, check out Ms. Crystal Wilkson's blog.  She is an author, co-editor of literary journal Mythium, professor and all around cool person.  Her post on book segregation in  is reminiscent of Carleen Brice's I Love Black Authors Movement.  Read both articles and become a member of the Book Mafia. 

Those who believe this is a bribe post to get into Mythium are correct in their assumption. However, I haven't event compiled a submission yet so they can't even accept my work yet (which I'm sure they’ll do #bribepost).

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