Saturday, July 24, 2010

On Not Living Up To Myself

I'm going to change the tag to this blog  (#youcare). It will be something about following my journey in writing poetry and learning about pobiz (sorry Keith).  I don't want the pressure of posting bits about Black women songwriters. Blogger doesn't offer the easy-to-post format that I need for those posts. I want to share more Black women poets and their poetry.  Since I primarily purchase their books, that will be easy. 

I really like the style that Evelyn and Keith take on their blogs. They're personal. Keith offers anecdotes and Evelyn offers her discoveries. When Jonterri posts, it's about her thesis and MFA journey. Alise posts her own poems and provides a platform for other poets. [I follow many more poets' blogs but these are ones I try to read each week].

In order to free myself from not 'living up to my tag' I'm going to change it. 

If you like the randomness, that is me, please follow my tumblr.  I have a feeling that I will soon close this blog and mesh the posts with my tumblr account.  Until then, keep this blog in your feed, and add my tumblr

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