Friday, September 18, 2009

22 Things I've Noticed in the Poetry Blogosphere

1. There are unique well-crafted poems that deserve to be uploaded  in an e-book & mp3 this weekend.

2. A collective or writing workshops are behind the quietest bloggers.

3. Even MFA graduates struggle with how to promote their poetry books.

4. Some poets are actually speakers not poets.

5. The Japanese should send a PSA about the form parameters of the haiku. 

6. Become an expert on one form.

7. Many poets are reluctant to add  voice recordings but will reveal their full name & address online.

8. Some poets think creating a movement around their poetry is the best way to promote their work.

9. Celibritizing  unpublished poets can be encouraging or narcissitic.

10. Modern published poets largely go unread, unheard, and unkown.

11. Some poets do not own 1 poetry book (not because they read them at the library frugalistas/os).

12. Some spoken word artists do not know about the Black Arts Movement, Beat Movement, Harlem Renaissance or New Negro Movement, but lay ancestral claim to being a griot.

13. Some view the identity of a poet as akin to being a rockstar.

14. There are great book reviews that have a direct link to purchasing the book!

15. Content in between poems adds a bit of personality to the blog.

16. A poem per week over a poem per day may be more sustainable over time.

17. Submitters, question, as do I, why journals who accept electronic submission take months to reply.

18. Some poets are actually journalers, not poets.

19. Blogs are a great way to organize hobbies and interests online.

20. Some poets view comments or blog post features as attacks or attention-stealers.

21. Poet bloggers can become the top tier of true influencers, not direct marketers, online.

Feel free to add your own #22 below.

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