Monday, October 11, 2010

A Suite of Poems

Would you pay 5 dollars to listen to 5 poems?  What if you also had an accompanying booklet with the poems? In Pobiz,  this would be too expensive. Since books are expected to be around $10 -$12, paying half that for just 5 poems seems exorbitant.  But if Nikki Giovanni was hustling her early poems in this market, I'd think she would do just that. This is a woman who even made a "single" for her books putting an A and B poem on a 45. 

I want us poets to return to this era when poetry was literally for the people. WhenNikki Giovanni - Truth Is On Its Way poets didn't wait for market listings and chapbook contests to sell their work. I'm a throwback poet. I want a solid collection of about 60 poems. I want to distill those into 10 for a vinyl record LP. I want a 5 poem suite to package as an EP. I want a 45. The literal record and perhaps the Itunes download.

Is this wrong? To think that poetry has a monetary value? Spoken Word Artists (SWA) would reply no. In my neighborhood, an SWA  may sell their work after a performance and at the local supermarket. I don't have the confidence to hand sell in such an aggressive way.  But I wonder, why not? Why not go the full Maya Angelou route and sell poetry on cards, cups and plates?  Does this cheapen the art?

Maybe it does.

Maybe it broadens the audience.


  1. I think it's a good idea. Poets have to eat, plus the goal is to get the poetry to the people, right? Poetry on postcards too!

  2. If you could see
    the glorious imagery
    faery play
    behind this dreamer,
    would you share
    your dreams with me,
    find symphony
    between us?

    You might like to see Emerging Visions visionary art 'zine

  3. i love it.. I was actully having this conversation with a friend of mine who sells his poems for $2 or actually he ask for a donation. Bu t like the comment befoer me poets need to make i living also and if oyur able to support them why not?


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