Monday, November 23, 2009

Shalonda – Just Go

Shalonda decided it was time to get her work out there. Her vehicle – Apple’s Garage Band. What impresses me about Just Go is Shalonda’s arrangement. She adds her jazz vocals on hiphop tracks built on soul samples. It’s a masterwork at layering and musical co-signing.

I first learned of  Shalonda from a Soulbounce mention.  I fell in love with her version of Misty Blue which pays homage to Dorothy Moore on  Kanye West’s “Say You Will” Track.  (Aside: Dorothy Moore started her own record label in 2002 and is touring internationally).  On another song, we hear Shalonda signal Billie Holiday’s “God Bless the Child” atop Kanye West’s  “Love Lockdown.”

Always keen to get to know more independent women  artists I started following her on Twitter. I responded to some of her zany tweets and she mentioned me. Just that bit of connection made me go to her site to see where I can see her live (she lives a few hours away). No dates posted on her MySpace yet, but I’m sure she’s rehearsing for a live performance.

<a href="">Fever by Shalonda</a>

Just Go Personal PackagingI donated $10 to her next project.  Just two days later, I received Just Go on compact disc.  Wrapped around the cd is her handwriting with Thank You ___ (my name) written over it and her signature.  Not only was I delighted with her personalization, I’m saving this to auction on Ebay in 10 year! Thanx Shalonda.

Luckily I live a few hours away from Los Angeles or I would stalk  Shalonda and give her the proper fan treatment that she deserves. For now, I am the unofficial president of her fan club.

Download her free EP but if you love it as much as I do, please contribute to her next album and receive Just Go on cd (one gift out  of the way).  Make sure to donate at least $12 because the shipping cost is nearly $2.00.

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