Friday, August 14, 2009

The Chamber Brothers - So Tired

Though this 1967 album is known for the psychedelic 11 minute “Time Has Come Today,” my favorite cut is Side A’s “So Tired.” Ripped directly from my vinyl, the wailing call and response of Lester Chambers and his brothers send me straight to Melancholy Fields.
“For I know I’ll never be free
but maybe she’ll come to me
with open arms
and say she
she belongs to me”
Le sigh. I can appreciate this lament of searching for the one.

Watch this 2005 Willie Chambers interview via Brother Mike.

Willie Chambers with Brother Mike
Willie Chambers discusses how Lightning Hopkins’s need for a conk introduced the brothers to the music industry.

Brother Chambers: We have a group.
Lightning Hopkins: What kind of group do you have?
Brother Chambers: We have a gospel group.
Lighting Hopkins: What’s that?
Brothers Chambers That’s music you sing in church!
Where are they now?
Brian Keenan passed in 1985.
George became a deacon.
Joe does session guitar work here and there.
Willie does guitar gigs here and there.

Lester still has that gospel funk. Try Evil Woman and Fried Neckbones & Some Home Fries from 2005’s It’s Time. Then move to I Got the Blues and Back to Mississippi Blues on his 2008 lp, Do You Believe in Rock and Roll?
Their website says they’ve reunited, yet sparsely decorated with a few pictures.
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