Sunday, August 9, 2009

Instant Deal

I will start a new deal-saving feature on Sundays. Many of you know that I began radical couponing last June.  I've shared  my couponing process, but most of you say it involves too many steps.   Week by week, I hope you will become interested in slashing your grocery and toiletry bills in half using deals and coupons.  Below are some of my parameters:


  • Instant Deal will feature deals based on coupons in Sunday’s newspaper.

Instant gratification.  Buy Sunday’s newspaper.  Take out the insert.  Cut the coupon.  Off to the store.

  • Instant Deal will be a $5 item(s) or less.

We’re in a recession.  No less eased by $800 billion given to corporate America.  You deserve the savings.

  • Instant deals will usually be in CVS, Walgreens,or Target Stores (national).

Though Target is a fave, CVS and Walgreens have instant rebates (money in the hand!) that I’ll slowly introduce.

  • Instant Deals will be posted Saturday night (before 11:59 PST). 

[Except this time] I’m working on being in alignment with God.

  • Instant Deals will  be Twitter alerts. Follow me on the right -->

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